I have about ten years of experience with programming and currently working with mobile development for Android and iOS platforms, but I’m always willing to learn something new.
In the past I had some fun with web development, creating websites and games using Javascript, Flash, PHP and Rails.

You can find me at the following places:


I always try to do my best at work and this is the result:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mozart on our first Android application for the iknow.jp online learning solution. He has proven to be not only a fast learner but also a hard worker with a very positive attitude, constantly looking for new solutions, ways to improve the code. Without asking he stayed late to fix a few nasty, hard to reproduce bugs. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Peter Van der Weeën / Cerego Japan

Mozart is a grand master at what he does. As a mentor, he is dedicated and good intent upon preparing students for your careers. As a professional, he is always attuned to new technologies and working methodologies, trying to put it all together to help his team’s work. As a friend, is someone that will always be by your side.
Mastered several languages and technologies, as web languages (server-side and client-side), desktop languages in different operating systems, mobile languages and game languages.
If you’re lost in the midst of so much technology, he is the right guy to indicate you a way.

Flávio Silveira / Mindset Films

Mozart has a great interpersonal relationship, an excellent AS3/OOP programming level and is always interested in learn/share his knowledge with their colleagues. Also, he contributed a lot to the growth of the Flash department while at AG2.

Daniela Araújo / AG2

Excellent programmer, with strong base in design patterns, micro-architectures and frameworks. Always updated with the new technologies. He participated in the creation of the Mindset Films web development team’s, contributing to the development of the first projects and formatting the first development processes.

Fábio Tomio / Mindset Films

Mozart is the typical determined professional. Focused on doing a good job without forgetting the power of measurement that every developer must have.

Aldo Lammel / AG2

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